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01  — Mayowa Owolabi

Mayowa Owolabi is Africa’s Most Sought after Financial Market Coach and Trainer with over eight years of experience trading in the financial market.

Today, many recognize him as “The Authority” in System Trading and Supply Demand Zone Trading. After learning to trade Forex in 2009, he has trained over 10,000 individuals to become successful traders.

Mayowa Owolabi is a successful entrepreneur and businessman who has successfully founded several companies; he is the founder of Mayowa Owolabi Company; a consultancy company that focuses majorly on the financial market, digital businesses, and personal development, Mayconcept Solutions; a digital marketing company and MD MIDAS Company; an investment and portfolio management company.

Mayowa’s passion, focus, and experience over the past seven years have enabled him to possess a great deal of knowledge and skill to attain forex trading mastery. He is also a rugged and dogged, consistent entrepreneur (as people describe him), coach, and music minister.