The Financial Market: An Investment Leverage In The 21st Century

The Financial Market Conference powered by Financial Market Examiner is Lagos, Nigeria’s first of its kind.

The Financial market is a market in which people trade financial securities and derivatives at low transaction costs. For instance, do you know that the foreign exchange, a subset of the financial market, has a daily turnover of about $6.6 trillion? Not to mention the stocks, securities, and other commodities, yet many people are not aware of ways they can leverage this industry, especially in the 21st century.

The last few years have seen the global space record a noticeable geometric increase in the emergence of wealthier individuals and organizations through active participation and/or investment in the financial market. However, the Nigerian enclave is yet to make headway in maximizing the potentials that lie within this space.

Research has shown that of all the challenges faced by the average Nigerian in this regard, what stands out most is the lack of adequate knowledge or, better put, poor financial education and information on the” how-to.”

This has made it pertinent to develop a program that hinges on financial market education and exposition. Hence, it creates a platform to wade into the market and grab a share, pitching both investors and the appropriate investment on a table.

The core of the financial market conference is EDUCATE, EXPLORE, INVEST, YIELD.

The financial market conference promises to be one of the biggest conferences of the year, bearing host to some of the finest in the industry.

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